Big wedding rings - Gold (1,2 kg)

Big wedding rings - Gold (1,2 kg)

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Big wedding rings are two large rings of 14 cm and 12 cm respectively that are sold in a pair. It is thus not something you wear on your fingers, but is rather a unique wedding gift that can be engraved and placed in the home as a timeless and memorable interior detail. 

The story of these rings took place in the early 50's. The plumber who was not so well off, and his son was getting married and wanted to give his son and daughter-in-law a unique and special gift as a wedding gift. He then turned polished 2 rings of old tubes to perfection and gave the bride and groom as a wedding gift. We at db liked the story a lot and are now making it again. 

The rings are made of blank steel, polished and delivered in a gift box from Norrmalm's cardboard factory in Stockholm, a box that has been manufactured in the same way as before. Of course we help if you want the engraved ones.

Weight: approx. 1.2 kg.
Quantity: 2 pcs (14 cm & 12 cm)

Color: Gold

Delivery time 3-5 working days