Furnishings (Only available in Sweden)

Do you need help making new furnishings for your store or individual cabinets? Contact us and we will help you. 

designbroman is a Swedish company specializing in design and manufacturing with a heart in Sweden. With innovative solutions, we create new opportunities for companies and individuals. 

How? By thinking outside the box, with functionality and design in focus, as well as the person and the environment we live in.  



Exhibition interior for CU jewellery Stockholm.


Complete renovation with new furnishings, lighting and furniture. The customer
chose granite slabs on the cash register as well as the wedding and engagement

Location Värmland

Showroom Starstudio PR Stockholm
Picture 1: before


Showroom Starstudio PR Stockholm
Picture 2: after
New lighting in existing interior with the right light temperature.


Private home Gävle
Industrial fan cover model large, in stainless steel.


Private home Gävle
Specially made balcony railing in stainless steel with 10mm glass


Private home Gävle
Bollard stainless steel.


Private home Gävle
Wine cellar with self-opening glass door in the floor.

Industrial shop fittings in powder-coated steel and podiums in lacquered mdf in
color "greige" sable.
The sisters Erenlöf Gävle

Store in the Gothenburg area
Picture 1: Classic interior with varying color lights.


Picture 2: The right lighting and the right light temperature.