Our cliphangers

Cliphanger Large. Size 27cm.

Available colors: Silver Chrome, Gold Chrome, White, Black

Cliphanger Medium. Size 20cm.

Available colors: Silver Chrome, Gold Chrome, White, Black, Pink, Ice Blue

Cliphanger Small. Size 11cm.

Available color: Silver Chrome

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Wedding gift

A Wedding present is a gift where you give something meaningful and long-lasting, something that can be the easiest or hardest gifts to buy.

The wedding rings are one of the biggest symbols for marriage and this is how the idea for the ‘Big Wedding rings’ was born.

The rings are a Swedish craft, weighing about 1.2 kg made out of steel, carefully lathed and hand polished to perfection. This is a unique gift made with a choice of colour in white-gold or yellow-gold.

The gift wrapping is also proudly handmade in our capital city, with thoughts for the environment from the beginning to the end.

We can of course engrave the rings also.

Made in Sweden

Size in diameter: 14 & 12cm

Weight: ca 1.2 kg

Size in diameter: 14 & 12cm

Weight: ca 1.2 kg


designbroman is a Swedish brand specialized in manufacturing and developing functional and innovative solutions and ideas for businesses and individuals

How many times have you thought about who can do this for me, how do I get it or why can’t I find IT? That’s when we come in….. throughout the years we have developed many solutions and interior details and now we offer you to manufacture your idea.

designbroman stands for timeless, durable products, manufactured in Sweden

Over years we have been published in several magazines such as Plaza Interiör, Allt i Hemmet, Dagens Industri, and been nominated for newbuilding prices, as well as inspiration for VOLA.

Everything is produced with respect for people and nature

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